Anisakis, discover what you should know

It is the new parasite that is going crazy to fishermen, merchants, restaurateurs and consumers in general

And it is already a public health problem that affects 36% of fish sold in Spain.

Before the panic spreads let’s know as when and where to be able to avoid it.

We all have thought about some moment that we had never heard speaking about this parasite, and there are several reasons why it has become a boom for some time.

One of the possible reasons of this pollution of the fish they are the floating factories that clean the fish on board and throw(launch) the guts and others fished become infected on having eaten them.

Another factor is the increase of temperature of the water of our seas that due to the climate change, it greatly favors to the parasite larvae.

It is also true that raw fish has never been so fashionable before. . This fashion brought from other continents and that like sushi, sashimi, tartare, and ceviche are becoming the rage in the menus of the most modern restaurants.

Here in Spain the homemade white anchovies are not spared, the kings of the summer present in all the restaurant, as well as the grilled sardines.

Many consumers think that freezing the fish at home is avoided but it is not like that as domestic freezers do not reach such low temperatures for the elimination of the parasite.

Neither the vinegar finishes with the anisakis.Only freeze it professionally will free us from anisakis

“So the whole raw insufficiently cooked fish (such as white anchovies in vinegar) that is sold and served to the final consumer must have been previously frozen, either packaged for sale in stores or unpacked to be served in bars or restaurants”

it will also rid us of the parasite cooking at high temperatures

And it is that to be contagious can present two big risks: the anisakis in itself and the allergic reaction:

1-Anisakis itself are live larvae that when adhered to attach to the intestinal mucosa and that through a tooth that they possess under their oral opening produce a lot of abdominal pain and inflammation, along with fever, nausea, vomiting and dizziness, and it is the part most serious of the matter.

2-The allergic reaction is characterized by fever, urticaria and even very dangerous and lethal anaphylactic shock for people already sensitized to this allergy.

To summarize we must take special care with:

White Anchovies in vinegar not treated professionally

Fish roe

Fish not cooked like sushi and varieties

Ceviches or marinated fish type

Various smoked, wild Atlantic or Pacific salmon

Squid and cuttlefish may also be contaminated

And what about the perserves?

The oil does not end with the parasite. In the production of tuna, belly, are safe for health since the heat treatment used in professional canneries, the anisakis is eliminated, not in the case of home-made preserves.

Of course with the bonito, boiling at 98 ° C ends with the parasite.

On the other hand we must be calm with this list of products that they do not need prior freezing:

Oysters, mussels, cockles, clams, and bivalve molluscs

The fish of continental waters, rivers, lakes, marshes and freshwater fish farms like trouts and carps.

Semi-preserved products such as anchovies in metallic glass containers or other presentations

Salty dried fish such as cod or mojamas

We should Know that to avoid anisakis as consumers:

– Cook the processed by frying, oven, iron at more than 60 ° C frees us from the parasite.

-It must be frozen at -20 ° C or below for at least 48 hours.

In restaurants that serve raw fish, they are required to freeze it at -20 at least 24 hours before and there must be a record to be able to justify it before a sanitary inspection. This freezing record must be reported in the same menu or in a poster that is clearly visible in the establishment.

for greater safety Industrial equipment is needed for the safe freezing of fish. The domestic equipment or is less than three stars ***, do not reach these temperatures, so it would need more days of freezing, minimum 5 days.

We continue to work with the best quality, the strictest sanitary regulations and the best fish.


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