Banderillas De Boquerón Del Cantábrico Sin Cebolletas

Specialties: Pujadó Solano’s hidden treasures

At Pujadó Solano we are known mainly for our anchovies, white-marinated anchovies and white tuna, as in fact they are our star products par excellence. However, beyond these products, we also offer other gourmet specialties that are worth considering.

Gildas and banderillas

Our Santoña anchovy and white-marinated anchovy fillets are delicious to eat on their own, as they are of exceptional quality, but if we combine them on a skewer with other pickled ingredients, they gain a very delicious flavor contrast.

On the one hand, we make gildas, the Basque Country’s most famous tapa. A combination of “piparras” (chilly peppers), olives and anchovy or white-marinated anchovy fillets pierced by a skewer.

On the other hand, we have banderillas, which are very similar to gildas but with slightly different ingredients. Our anchovy banderillas are made with olives, baby onions, red pepper and pickles, while we offer two types of white-marinated anchovy banderillas: one comes without pickles – white-marinated anchovies with olives, baby onions and red pepper – and the other one neither with pickles nor baby onions: white-marinated anchovies with olives and red pepper. All the gildas and banderillas are handmade with top quality ingredients and are very tasty.

Gildas y banderillas en un plato listas para comer

Cod brandade

Cod brandade is a cream that is obtained in an artisanal way by mixing crumbled cod with milk, potato, garlic, olive oil, black pepper and salt. It has a soft texture and a very delicate and exquisite flavor. It is a very versatile food that can be incorporated into many types of dishes, for example as an appetizer with canapés or toast, or as a filling for croquettes, empanadas, or roasted vegetables such as eggplants, tomatoes or peppers.

Brandada de Bacalao en su envase y servida para comer

Anchovy, olive and capers tapenade

Our tapenade is a paste with a creamy texture made from a mixture of Santoña anchovies, black olives from Aragon, capers, garlic, lemon, olive oil and aromatic herbs. It has a very tasty, salty flavor, and is perfect to eat as an appetizer, for example spread on toast, in salads, or as a condiment for vegetables, meat or fish.

Producto servido y en su envase de Tapenade de Anchoas de Santona Aceitunas y Alcaparras


Our mussels come from the Galician estuaries and are the best option to have as an appetizer together with some potato chips and a beer. On the one hand, we have the classic pickled mussels in “escabeche” sauce, and on the other hand, mussels in hot sauce, a sauce made from a combination of tomato, onion, sunflower oil and spices. An interesting alternative to traditional mussels for those of you who like stronger flavors.

Mejillones en salsa picante, listo para comer

Como veis, más allá del bonito del norte y los filetes de anchoa y boquerón de Santoña, en Pujadó Solano también ofrecemos otros productos gourmet artesanales de gran calidad que vale la pena considerar. ¿Con cuál os quedáis?